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A text from Afghanistan. Now, this.

I get the same reaction every time I mention that I moved almost every year as a kid: "Isn't that so

Katrina's Letter Of The Week

October 18 · Issue #81 · View online
Every week, I'll write you a letter. A letter about anything, really. My goal is just to make you think.

I get the same reaction every time I mention that I moved almost every year as a kid: “Isn’t that so hard?” I shrug. It was never “hard” or “easy.” The question implies a choice. It was my reality. 
Now, as an adult, I understand why they reacted that way. I know what they meant about “hard” stuff. I say “nowhere” when people ask me where I’m from. I don’t have friends I’ve known “all my life.” We didn’t have the internet when I was doing all of this moving. There was no lingering Facebook connection.
Connection. That’s it. In one word, that’s what always made it hard. Connection feeds us. It reminds us we are not in this alone. That someone, anyone, cares. It’s hard moving all the time without a lot of meaningful connections. 
If you think moving a lot is hard, try being deployed. I imagine that sitting in a desert makes it pretty hard to feel connected or like anyone cares. There’s not a lot of good inspirational Oprah-level content over there. 
That’s why earlier this week, when I overheard an Army Mom talking about her son, my ears perked up. He’s deployed with 13 other guys in Afghanistan, and they’re collecting brewery t-shirts. I especially appreciated his message to her. 
“If anyone wants some marketing in the non-existent market of Afghanistan, we’d appreciate it.” 
I offered to buy 14 on the spot.  
Then I started thinking. “I bet I could get a few more.” What happened next, well that blew my mind. 
I asked you and my other social media friends to tag your favorite breweries, and you did. Then your favorite breweries stepped up. Breweries I’ve never heard of from all over the country - Hawaii, California, Oregon, Kansas, and so many more - jumped on the opportunity to show they care. 
This week, a lot of people I know and a ton of people I’ve never met showed me just how connected we are. I can not tell you how amazing that feels. How that fed my soul when I needed a reminder from the universe that people are good. That we care. 
And now, we get to send that feeling to Afghanistan. So thanks for that. 
I can’t possibly do some marketing pitch now. Instead, I’m going to feature a few of the breweries who have already sent something my way. If you live in one of these cities, go have a beer and say thank you for me.
I’d try and feature everyone that tagged a brewery, but there are too many of you.
Just know, I’ll always remember this. Thank you.

Wibby Brewing
21st Amendment Brewery
Austin Eastciders
Voodoo Brewery
10 Barrel Brewing Co.
Boulevard Brewing Company | Fine Beers Since 1989
Bell's Brewery
Anchor Brewing
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