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While COVID has us homebound, I can't imagine going through this pandemic without a safe place to cal

Katrina's Letter Of The Week

July 24 · Issue #115 · View online
Every week, I'll write you a letter. A letter about anything, really. My goal is just to make you think.

While COVID has us homebound, I can’t imagine going through this pandemic without a safe place to call home. I’m privileged in my life to say I’ve never experienced homelessness. 
I also don’t believe I ever thought of a roof over my head as a privilege. I guess some part of me thought it was a right to have a roof over our heads. As I add years to my life and encounter more people, I understand that when we are born, nothing is guaranteed - not even shelter. Then, as we accumulate accomplishments and degrees, it still guarantees nothing. Not a job, not a career, not even a home. 
It’s disappointing to realize that life guarantees us nothing, but that’s a lesson we learn repeatedly. I was reminded again this week when I spoke with a clinical research coordinator from Texas. She has a Master’s degree, a wealth of experience, and no place to call home. 
“I think people wonder how someone like me can become homeless,” she said. It’s true. Her story sounded so much like mine, just with different transitions. After earning her Master’s degree, she worked on a clinical research team that lost a grant. She lost her job. A series of unique circumstances later led to losing her home. 
But she wasn’t frustrated or angry. She told me it has been a humbling experience that allows her to give back to people in her community. 
Everything she lacks in resources, she multiplies in giving. Yes, giving. 
Throughout every challenge in her life, she is finding ways to give. When she explained why, I found myself rushing to scribble down her answer so I could share it with you. 
She said, “unless you’ve experienced certain trials, you don’t understand. We can only understand with empathy. So I’ll be the encourager, inspirer, supporter. I’ll do everything I can to help someone out.” 
I caught myself crying. She’s right, you know. We don’t truly understand a struggle until we live through it, but we can give the gift of empathy. We can all be encouragers, inspirers, and supporters. 
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While the HR and recruiting lessons we shared are essential, what I’m most proud of is the impact each download will make. 
I asked each contributor to also share a nonprofit they love. For every download this week, my company will donate $1 to a fund for all of these charities. I would appreciate it if you’d share and download this week so we can contribute even more. (Thanks to Paradox and Xor for making it happen)
Even better? Pick a nonprofit. Make a donation. 
Let’s do everything we can to be more like my new friend, and if there’s something I can do to help you (even if it’s just listening) don’t hesitate to reply. 


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