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How's your heart today?


Katrina Kibben's Weekly Letter

October 30 · Issue #129 · View online

Every week, I'll write you a letter. A letter about anything, really. My goal is just to make you think.

There are a few people in my life that I check in with almost every day. One will always ask, “how’s your heart today?” I don’t know how this routine started. Regardless, I feel fortunate to have people in my life who ask great questions like that and remind me to focus on what’s most important: the heart. 
In all the chaos of right now, it’s easy to check in with your mind. That’s the voice in your head that sets the mandates of working harder, faster, longer, etc.
These mandates become nagging voices and reminders. I hear them all the time. I wake up thinking, “I’m not doing it right,” way too often. Pick your subject - client projects, friendships, family. When I ask that question, my anxious mind can come up with a million answers. What am I forgetting? What am I not doing? 
Until last week. I woke up with that feeling and instead of spinning, I opened my journal. I asked myself, “What is right? How is my heart today?” Then I listened to my heart. No rules, no models, no “what if they don’t like it.” My definition of right. 
I felt something shift at that moment. It was the first time I’ve experienced relief from my anxiety and the bombardment of “right” in a long time. “Right” inevitably has an evolving definition - at work, at home, in friendships. But no one tells you that. Instead, they offer up standards. 
Here’s the catch. It’s impossible to be happy when you’re comparing a status quo instead of asking how your heart feels about it. If you don’t listen to yourself and your voice? “Right” will elude you and keep you up at night. It’ll torture you. 
So instead of checking in with your mind, check in with your heart this week. Surround yourself with people who want to nurture that joy in you, ask great questions, and actually listen to your answers. I call it big heart energy.
Now, write down your definition of right. No rules, just right. 
If you’re not here for the heartfelt, I have a Halloween inspired laugh for you. We have our own Halloween tradition here at Three Ears Media. Every year we share the scariest job posting we’ve seen all year. 
This year, I did something a little different. Secret shopper style, I searched Halloween costumes - ghost, pumpkin, witch - to see if I could find bad job postings. 
What happened next is hilarious. That’s all I’ll say. Watch it.  
I still want to know what a ghost’s dress code entails. 
And for the last time this year, please vote. 

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