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I Don't Know: Hiring Reality

Here's a life hack everyone should remember: If someone asks you a question, and you don't know the a

Katrina's Letter Of The Week

August 9 · Issue #71 · View online
Every week, I'll write you a letter. A letter about anything, really. My goal is just to make you think. Then, I handpick 3 ideas and posts you'll love (and learn from).

Here’s a life hack everyone should remember: If someone asks you a question, and you don’t know the answer, reply, “I don’t know.”
Makes everything else you say a lot more credible. It sounds simple, and it is until you’re leading a team meeting with 25 pairs of eyes looking at you. All of a sudden, “I don’t know” becomes a lot harder to say.
So people lie. From stats to stories, I’ve watched managers dig deep to construct these answers; I’m surprised they didn’t choke a little.
In fairness, we come from one of the few industries where there isn’t an education pipeline. There’s no talent degree. While HR covers the laws and legislation, hiring sits in a separate realm. We don’t have rules for making the right hire or how to find them.
We’re managing the most unpredictable variable possible: human behavior. That unpredictability is a significant disadvantage. While you can always calculate how a machine works or make projections on marketing leads, you can’t predict humans.
Our job is to make the best guess, and that’s a little scary.
There are a lot of places where I’ve seen guessing go wrong, but most of the time it’s with the job posting. Careerbuilder says that over 90% of candidates look at this content, yet we are guessing how to write something that works.
I want to help. If “write better job postings” is on your to-do list, there’s a link below you need to follow for my last Live Job Rewrite Workshop. I also have two more posts that can help with the implied uncertainty of our jobs, too.
Have a great week -
CEO, Three Ears Media

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