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Inspiration and ambition

Every week when I sit down to write this letter, I read another letter first for inspiration. The let

Katrina's Letter Of The Week

March 29 · Issue #53 · View online
Every week, I'll write you a letter. A letter about anything, really. My goal is just to make you think.

Every week when I sit down to write this letter, I read another letter first for inspiration. The letters I love to read every week are from a graphic designer and kindred soul, Jamie Varon. She has this way with words and a vulnerability that always make me feel something. These letters make me contemplate my life from a different framework. 
I find that particularly important as someone who spends most of their time sitting in a room with two dogs, talking about communicating with others. Reflection doesn’t come easily to me in the midsts of crossing things off the list. I don’t think it does for most of us. We’re just getting the work done, right? 
Well, in the middle of our own versions of “the hustle,” I find myself and others relying on accomplishments instead of growth to get us through. We check the box. Make that hire. Write that template. It’s not common to hear people talking about the inspiration behind the ambition, even though I know we don’t do this work to “get the job done.” 
We do it for a lot of real human reasons that usually have nothing to do with the company’s mission and vision. 
That’s why I brought the letter style here. We need reminders that vulnerability has a tremendous impact - on you, the people you lead and how you communicate. 
My post this week put me in a vulnerable position, too. I was told not to post it. Yeah, I posted anyway. It’s about why I’m sick of all-male panels and what it feels like to be “the only _____.” I’m also sharing a post from Tamara Rasberry about mental health at work and some advice from an engineer about hiring junior engineers.
Hope you have a great week -

The #Manel Manifesto
No one wants to hire junior engineers. How do you become a senior engineer?
My #MentalHealth Moment of Truth
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