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More important than ever...

I get a lot of marketing emails. I subscribe mostly out of morbid curiosity to keep track of the clic

Katrina's Letter Of The Week

April 10 · Issue #101 · View online
Every week, I'll write you a letter. A letter about anything, really. My goal is just to make you think.

I get a lot of marketing emails. I subscribe mostly out of morbid curiosity to keep track of the cliches and crap I’ve seen repurposed in mediocre marketing for the last ten years. I’m not buying an ATS, booking extravagant vacations, or sponsoring anything anytime soon. Yet, I am curious about the messages they use to sell. 
There’s a new favorite headline in my inbox. “______ is more important than ever.” 
Any word you can think of, I’ve seen it used in this format this week. Exercise. Messaging. Marketing. I’d bet you have a few of these emails sitting in your Spam folder right now. 
In one aspect, it’s smart marketing. With all of this time, everyone is pondering what is most important at work and at home. There are a million people with a million ideas about filling your time and the achievements you should make right now. Insert eyeroll here. 
News flash: It’s usually not the words that fill some marketing blurb. You don’t need to speak a second language. You can’t buy it online. 
Trust is more important than ever. Look around. We’re going through a universal loss of trust. We trusted that nothing could mess up the usual way of life. We believed that our routines were the only right way. We imagined that we were doing life right.
Then all of this happened. Suddenly, we couldn’t rely on the old way. Predictions felt like false promises. Nothing is certain. The headlines every day remind us that we’re better off just waiting to see what’s next. 
Now what? 
We become trust creators - in marketing messages, tweets, and 1-1 talks. We nurture relationships, communicate more, and change our approach to face reality. We ebb and flow with this wave. We evolve as business leaders and best friends. As partners and people. 
We help other people discover their greatness.
Over the last three weeks, I’ve spent an obscene amount of time figuring out how I can help others see their greatness. How I’ll change. How my company and what I do every day will evolve. 
I think I know now. More on that soon. 
In the meantime, this week’s blog post is about writing a job post with coronavirus considerations, including a four-point audit to help you capture candidate attention. There are over 13 million of them, after all. You should be talking to them. 


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