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The struggle with job posts is...

... we just don't know what *not* to say. After writing a lot of free job posts (yes, still available

Katrina's Letter Of The Week

November 30 · Issue #37 · View online
Every week, I'll write you a letter. A letter about anything, really. My goal is just to make you think.

… we just don’t know what *not* to say.
After writing a lot of free job posts (yes, still available on the site if you’re interested), themes have emerged.
  1. Most people think their job posts are too long. (They are.)
  2. Most think they have too many bullets. (Most do.)
  3. Most think they’re just missing, you know, “that something.” (You got that right.)
So to get to “that something”, they do a brain dump. That becomes 1000 word job posts about culture, community, impact and every single req from the hiring manager.
But you don’t need all that. Here’s my trick to find out what “that special something” should be.
Ask the people in your company who already have that job what they need to know to do their job every day. Tell them to make a list of 3 reasons they took the job. Give them 2 ways to phrase a sentence and tell them to pick one.
Do a little pressure testing to make sure you’re doing what’s best for the candidate, not just yourself. That’s really a theme of this week’s posts: Testing theories. Asking “why not?”
Here to help -
Katrina Kibben
CEO, Three Ears Media
P.S. I would be a terrible capitalist if I didn’t mention we have exactly 2 seats left in our December training course on writing better email. I’d love to have someone who reads this newsletter there…

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