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Thoughts on ending my letter


Katrina Kibben's Weekly Letter

September 25 · Issue #124 · View online

Every week, I'll write you a letter. A letter about anything, really. My goal is just to make you think.

I’ve been considering ending this letter. When I started writing it, I had these grand ideas to help drive revenue and market Three Ears Media. I would get sponsors and sell something every week. 
That’s not what happened at all. 
I haven’t written about Three Ears much, and I don’t sell here. Instead, this letter is a moment of inspiration every week. It’s my weekly therapy and self-check-in. After a friend died suddenly, this was where I could find the words to capture my grief and his influence. In the weeks where I was up all night with worry, this was where I could share without worrying my secrets would be held against me. It’s where you share with me, too - what made you laugh and cry. Your secrets and stories. The relief you feel knowing someone hurts like you do. 
In contemplating quitting, I realized this letter is what keeps me going. The hour I dedicate myself to writing this each Thursday morning has become a virtual safe space. It’s a weekly routine that reminds me why I do all this instead of burying myself in tactics, project management, and what I believe people want to hear. 
Everyone writes how-to and what now blogs. Hell, I do one every Tuesday. In one Google search over a matter of seconds, I can uncover a thousand ebooks of influencers and lists of thought leaders to download. But very few of them ever talk about being a human or discuss big feelings about work, failure, and relationships. 
This letter is my place to create a disruption to that void and add a dose of empathy to hiring tactics. If I have to share my sob stories and be the one staring into the harsh spotlight to remind you there’s a human on the other side of the hiring equation, so be it. I want to write something every week that reminds us to care for each other. We’re all humans with dreams that are trying to survive. 
That’s why I’ve decided to keep writing this letter - because my birthday wish this year is that we can be less afraid of failure and more scared of losing empathy for others. 
It feels weird to celebrate a birthday when the world is literally and metaphorically on fire, so I’m not. I’ll go on a hike. Drink too much espresso. Buy a pie and eat it with a fork (not joking.) No candles, no cake, no more wishes.
There was one more wish in my blog this week - my wish of reaching more stages. You better believe that the heart I bring here shows up in my presentations too. I hope you’ll think of me next time you’re making speaker selections.  
Have a great weekend - 

A Birthday Wish: Your Stage, My Dreams
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