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Why I Quit

This week, I discovered a tweet from an HR leader that basically said, "if I don't see months on your

Katrina's Letter Of The Week

January 25 · Issue #44 · View online
Every week, I'll write you a letter. A letter about anything, really. My goal is just to make you think.

This week, I discovered a tweet from an HR leader that basically said, “if I don’t see months on your resume, I assume you’re a job hopper and I won’t hire you.”
My reaction was something like, “it’s not 1950. People change jobs.”
It started a long conversation about quitting jobs. Quitting as a concept has really evolved in the last 30 years. Most of the people retiring today spent 20 years at one job. They cringe at us and question our commitment when we say we’re leaving a job after only 2 years.
But I cringe and question the idea of staying somewhere that makes you really unhappy. We are entitled to happiness - at work and in life. We deserve that. We need that to thrive.
But I still remember telling myself I couldn’t possibly leave my miserable job after just 11 months. What would people think? Would they know about the way my manager crushed my confidence? Would they know I was also caregiving for a sick parent?
Bigger picture, why does it even matter if it says 1 year or 2? We can’t guilt ourselves into a soul-sucking life because of what our resume would say. Why would you do that to yourself?
More importantly, why would we not even interview candidates because they chose to be happy?

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