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Weird dreams and 3 years of Three Ears Media


Katrina Kibben's Weekly Letter

February 19 · Issue #142 · View online

Every week, I'll write you a letter. A letter about anything, really. My goal is just to make you think.

I dreamt that my teeth were falling out of my head this week. Of course, I had to Google it and figured out what it meant. Do you do that when you have a weird dream too? 
Anyway, it turns out that when your teeth fall out in a dream, it often represents a significant life change. I didn’t realize what night the dream happened until I sat down to write this letter: it was the night before Three Ears Media’s third anniversary.
I don’t know how to explain what this company has meant to me or how it has changed my life. It’s so much more than writing job postings and team training. I capture stories that often go unnoticed because someone started with copy-paste instead of a conversation. I write previews of a new life. I show people how they can change someone else’s life.
In the last three years, I’ve heard thousands of incredible stories. Take the Lab Tech that diagnosed himself during college. He was given six months to live, and today he’s transforming cancer care for others. 6 months turned into two years, and we all cried when he shared that he just celebrated his first child’s birthday. We wept at the magnitude of life, how moments change us, and how Lab Techs can change lives. 
It’s stories about a five-year-old boy that has never lived anywhere for more than 60 days because no one could handle his temper. “He was tough, but I hope we taught him that he’s never too much to love.” I helped their team write a post that connects with people who can love kids during the most challenging days. 
I get to be a part of incredible stories every week, sometimes every day. What a life. 
It hasn’t been all roses. It surely didn’t start that way. 
For the first time ever in this week’s blog, I’m sharing the secret story of why I started Three Ears Media. The messy one, the one that I’ve been scared to say out loud. 
As I’m looking ahead at a new (still scary) chapter of Three Ears Media, I want to say thank you. Yes, you.
After founding the company, I would call three people whenever I didn’t know what to do. Somehow, the universe knew who I needed. People showed up - whether it was financial concerns, people problems, ideas that weren’t quite clicking. They were always the people I needed. 
You were the people I needed. 
You don’t know, but that one time, when you hit respond to this email and told me how it made you feel, you turned my day around. You kept me going. When you recommended me for a keynote or training, it reminded me why I do this. Every time you think I can help and call me, I appreciate it more than I can say. 
So in this week of gratitude and reflection, ultimately, I just wanted to say thanks. I appreciate you for reading these words, trusting me to teach you, and allowing my team to listen to your stories. I’m honored. 
Please never hesitate to hit reply and tell me your story. Stories changed my life, and I want to listen to yours with all three ears whenever you’re ready. 

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